Going Green: How to Make Your Office More Eco-friendly and Efficient

Here are some tips on how turning green can help your company save money and energy: Implement a recycling program (f.eg., educate staff on responsible waste disposal) Conserve energy (f.eg., switch off lights and electronic equipment during off-hours) Promote paperless procedures (f.eg., use digital solutions instead of taking notes with paper and ink) Invest in […]

Friendly Working Environment as the Key Incentive

Creating a healthy, friendly, and supportive work culture is neither time-consuming nor expensive; all it takes is the management’s goodwill and commitment to promoting mutual respect between team members and following a few simple strategies: Develop a positive attitude Treat everyone with respect Practice active listening Invest in team-building activities Give feedback Say thank you […]

Best Practices for Remote Work during COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to recent coronavirus outbreak, working remotely is no longer an alternative but a vital requirement for many businesses. Here are a few key elements of work-from-home policy, which should be shared with the entire staff:  • Having the proper technology: Computer, email, phone conferencing, access to internal networks are all tools that employees need, […]

Who Uses Serviced Offices

A huge range of organizations are using Serviced Offices today. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that these are only small businesses. Everyone from one-person start-ups to multinational companies is nowadays benefiting from multiple Serviced Offices solutions.  Here are just a few examples: Start-ups and entrepreneurs:  Serviced offices are ideal for businesses and startups looking […]

Encouraging Your Employees’ Creativity

Creativity is typically associated with artistic activities and rarely with ‘serious’ business. However, if you want your employees to be a team of ambitious, dedicated, productive players for your brand, you need every member to be at his or her creative peak. After all, it’s creativity that allows for alternative solutions to tough, complex problems. It […]

10 “golden rules” of effective management

Here are a few basic truths, guidelines, and principles worth putting into your daily practice that will help ensure the effectiveness of management strategies and achieve your business goals: 1/ Be consistent in your decisions and actions 2/ Establish clear communication 3/ Set common goals for the work team 4/ Openly praise and reward employees […]